Weary from traveling all day and into the night,
     he unloaded his rucksack and laid out his bedroll on the grass.
As he lay there surrounded only by nature, unafraid
     of being alone, he gazed up to the heavens.
The moon looked like a shiny new dime; bright and glimmering in the night sky,
     illuminating the world with a soft and silvery glow.
Stars were scattered through the sky as if they were grains of salt
     spilled across a dusty, dark blue tablecloth.
Bunches of clouds sailed across the night sky
     like triple-masted ships departing a harbor,
     eager to be on their way; their white sails full with a stiff wind.
“In the beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth.”
With this in mind, he closed his eyes and drifted peacefully to sleep.