Sitting here in darkness staring into orange and black, with bits of blue flame flickering now and again; the remains of a log in the fireplace. Plenty of heat still radiating from it, warming my body and soul.

It’s hard to focus – my mind is cluttered with fragments. So many thoughts swirling around. A few notes from a song I heard on the radio, sorrow for friends who lost a daughter and sister, a word or two of a conversation, images of things I saw today, remembrance of the nightmares from last night. It’s difficult to clear my head and unwind a little.

I wish there were someone sitting next to me. I want to hear their story and let them hear mine. Share hopes and fears, or even just to sit here and stare into the glowing embers with me.

I should really get some sleep. Creativity always seems to come at the wrong moments, and is so fleeting.

One thing that’s clear in all this jumble: I need to spend some time in prayer.