Today marks anyone being 4 years older than on last leap day. No big revelation there, but I was thinking today about birthdays, special days and thought: “Hmm…people always ask if you feel any older on your birthday or anniversary. Most people reply, ‘No.’ and then everyone usually laughs or smiles, because you don’t usually feel any older.
But, I think a neat thing to do is think back through that period of time – whether it be a month, year or 4 years – and think about all the areas of your life that you’ve grown and matured in, or ways in which God has blessed you throughout.

Now, I honestly can’t remember what I was doing on this day 4 years ago. But days and events are reminders and place-markers in our lives. Sometimes it seems like time keeps on moving faster faster, and it’s easy to grumble about it, or forget to stop and give thanks to God. It’s amazing how much can occur in your life in a day or week, much less in a year or 4 years. Reflecting on things that have happened during a period of time, and definitely giving a prayer of thanks for everything God has done in your life, is certainly a good start. This is not only a good practice with birthdays and other special days, but every day.

(By the way, my birthday is not on leap day, it’s late in March, just to clarify things)

So enjoy the last hour and ten minutes of leap day in 2012, reflect and give thanks to God who rules over all.

And…enjoy this song called ‘The Gambler’, by the band ‘fun.’ . I like it a lot.