Sunday night I was laying in bed contemplating lots of things and eventually trying to sleep when I had a burst of writing inspiration. This is what resulted from that:

A Night in Early November 

In my bed by an open window.
A nice cool breeze blowing across my face,
No doubt the outdrafts of the storm to the North.
With the sound of wind-chimes and… what’s that?
A freight train blowing its horn off in the distance.
The moon is bright and clear. Enough so that I
Can see across the yard and view the shadow
Patterns the leaves in the trees are making
On the ground.

Now, I hear the light rumble of thunder, and
See a flash of lightning in the sky from the storm.
The sound of geese honking in flight comes to
My ears, and I’m praying that – soon will be the
Drip-drop and pitter-patter of rain.
This is what comes to my senses, laying on my
Bed, on a Sunday night in early November.


I have another much overdue post coming up soon…